Chapter 1 “Deadline”

Bakelit Multi Art Center – Budapest

Mechanisms for an entente is an interdisciplinary laboratory where artists, architects, philosophers, historians, sociologists, journalists and students from different countries (France, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania), cultures, and generations, have been invited to create a multiform collective artwork.

It analyses the evolving political context that led to the birth, within the diplomatic period called “The Little Entente”, of the train line named “Silesia Cracoviana Karpathy” connecting Warsaw to Bucharest via Kraków, Košice, Budapest and Cluj for almost one hundred years, and its disappearance due to a slow economic shift of the entire railway network, about twenty years after the collapse of the Soviet bloc.

This exhibition is one of a series of exhibitions that shows the result of the two months moving workshop where a heteroclite group retraced the disappeared train line from Bucharest to Warsaw by train, during which we confronted our visions of the world to the others, to make art together by focusing on what binds individuals (Res Communis),

For this exhibition we have chosen to show the object that has united all project participants, ie “Deadline”, the magazine of travel.
7 issues were published, each recounts a time of course. Visitors will leave with the complete collection of Deadline, which for the exhibition is placed on pallets and made ​​a sculpure set to disappear.

Program for opening

Mechanisms for an entente / documentary -Seydou Grépinet
I have a secret / video – Cristina David
Train / video / Simon Quéheillard
Lujza Magova, Beáta Kolbašovská -Grey matter: Name your problems and put them in the past

Performance :
Méchanisms for a tent / Marta Jonvile & Jakub Pišek


Agata Dutkowska, PL, Sociologist, Alexis Emery-Dufoug, FR, Artist, Beáta Kolbašovská, SK, Artist, Cristina David, RO, Artist, Agathe & Frédéric Desmesure, FR, Architect & Photographer, Edyta MĄSIOR, PL, Artist, Guillaume du Boisbaudry, FR, Philosopher, Jan Sowa, PL, Sociologist, Jarosław Wójtowicz, PL, Artist, Joanna Bednarczyk, PL, Artist
Judit Kurtág, HU, Artist, Julie Chovin, FR, Graphic designer, Jakub Pišek, SK, Artist, László Milutinovits, HU, Historian, Lujza Magova, SK, Artist, Łukasz Jastrubczak, PL, Artist
Małgorzata M. Dudek, PL, Artist, Marek Mardosewicz, PL, Poet, Marta Jonville, FR, Artist, Mathieu Lericq, FR, Movie curator, Nils Clouzeau, FR, Artist, PALCE LIZAĆ, PL, Architect, Paul Maquaire, FR, Artist, Roman Dziadkiewicz, PL, Artist, Seydou Grépinet, FR, Videast, Simon Quéheillard, FR, Artist, Thomas Desmaison, FR,Sociologist, Tomas Matauko, FR, Artist, Valérie de Saint-Do, FR, Journalist /writter, Sylvestre Leservoisier, FR, Poet

French Institut in Budapest is partner for this exhibition.