Julie Chovin is a french artist and graphic-designer who lives in Berlin.

« Fences »
This drawing set made in Plaveč in Slovakia during the residency Mechanisme for an Entente. These gates and doorways, build mostly with wrought iron, are isolated on a white background to make evident the geometrical forms. The set is like a typological collection in the style of Bernd and Hilla Becher, but realized with cheap material I could find in Plaveč (children’s felt pens and printer paper). They are like symbols of culture, language and communication barriers between the participants and the village’s inhabitants, but also between the artists and researchers themselves.

(This is not) contemporary art
Set of photographs realized in Plaveč, a village in Slovakia, during the european project Mechanism for an Entente. All this places which belongs to the owner of the restaurant Anova. All this spaces, part of spaces look like contemporary art installations, and use the same styles and materials as young international contemporary artists, connected with the Uncanny feeling. Which are this codes which make us to have these referencies ?

« Blind Yellow »
During my trip to East Europa’s countries with the project Mechanism for an Entente, I was interested in the way the inhabitants are dealing with spaces and objects from the former communist systems. Here, the inhabitants of Orlov, a village in Slovakia, covered some monuments with bright yellow paint. The structures are more visible and the first function of the object becomes illegible.

« Silence »
The viewer of the show perceives a computer, but the usual picture on the screen is slightly in movement. And suddenly, a character walks into the frame and disrupts the picture.
This video shows an absurd gesture, the one to interfere in a landscape which look like the operating system Windows’s picture by default. And then, to scream « Silence » on the silence. The action of disturbing the silence, and as well the calm and the artificiality of this more than well-know picture of a PC screen, although we don’t look at anymore.

Direction/editing : Julie Chovin
Concept : Julie Chovin / Łukasz Jastrubczak
Camera/sound : Judit Kurtág
Shooted in Plaveč, Slovakia, in the frame of the project Mechanisms for an Entente
Special thanks to Barbara Nawrocka.