Picnic : trainstation/translation // Budapest

Group of architects, artists and stage designers established in Kraków by Dominika Wilczyńska and Barbara Nawrocka; dealing with important spatial issues in an unconventional manner, often with a grain of salt; combining architecture with urban scenography; performing between social interventions and artistic actions; creating new images of urban spaces through site-specific projects, mostly with cooperation of inhabitants.

Awarded in architectural, urban and design contests: Skanska: Bridging Prague, Culburb, Przetwory 7, Lighthouse Art Biennale in Venice Competition; authors of installation ‘Trinkets and imponderables’ in the National Museum in Kraków.

During the April residency they were collaborating with Małgorzata Dudek, Filip Przybyłko and Jarosław Wójtowicz; researching the issues of mental homelessness through permanent travel /they called their project NO-HO-USE/, the travel itself as a lifestyle /drift, nomadism/;  game between public and private regarding transforming unusual public spaces / eg. railway station platform/; organizing night walks to make city-tales /with Dominika Śniegocka/ and providing drifts.

For the summer workshops they’re planning to continue No/Ho/Use idea, treating the journey (travelling process) as a kind of habitation; confronting the artifacts of habitation /what do you need to feel like home?/ with the others and with cultural contexts / regarding objects, sounds, environment etc./ They are planning some interventions in urban space; researching media of behavior art  /also architectural ones/.

rail way rail way rail way rail way rail stOP*STOP! lets meet all together and have a PIC NIC we can chat we can eat we can play you can sing we can invite our hungarian friends (oh yes, we can!) we can do whatever we want but the main idea is to do NIC

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DeadLine # 1
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APPLY THE ENTENTE – APPLE FIESTA : Apple is the beginning, the basis, the starting point. We can perceive it as a symbol of knowledge in a paradise of Zahrada. We can perceive it on different layers as mythological, christian or philosophical symbol. But it is also food that connects people on very basic level. The Apple Day meeting under the apple trees was the opportunity to be involved and to enjoy the entente.

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