Please please please let me go where I want – an evening of electronic compositions and video drones

Jonas Jensen and Malwina Migacz (DK)

16/05/2013 – 19:00 – Małopolski Ogród Sztuki

The event elaborates on Heitor Villa-Lobos composition O Trenzinho do Caipira (1933). In the composition the listener is introduced to a heavy and difficult start-up on a part beautiful and alluring part broken and turbulent train journey. In the same way Please please please let me go where I want invites to a movement sat by a will to get ahead, defined by those derailments and deceptions this can lead to.

Jonas Jensen is educated from Sädelschule Frankfurt am Main. He works with text, visual art and composition on computer.

Malwina Migazc is studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She works with sculpture and new medias as well as music composition and improvisation.

At the event they will present a new video piece and a composition performed on laptop.