Action # 6 // Architecture à zéro złoty/ Zero złoty architecture Palce Lizać / workshop

Tags: workshops, nomadism, synesthesia, habitation, recycling, temporary architectureOur basic inspiration is the creativity of Japanese homeless and current issues of democratization of public space. We want to invite to take a part in the interdisciplinar, three-days long workshop during which we would like to:

– find the redifinition of the word “HOME/HOUSE” in the context of civilization of modern nomads;
– see if it is possible to create a home space with the symbol, prop, movement, light or sound;
– consider the need for placing the boundary between private and public, through adaptation of the so-called public space;
– do field investigation and studies to develop tactics to create a temporary living space;
– build a real temporary object possible to live in.

Cracow. Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology.
Field studies and investigations, which will accompany workshop, will include areas of Cracow: Dębniki, Ludwinów, Podgórze and Zabłocie.

April 5th-7th, 2013

Workshops are realized in collaboration with Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and PointBarre Association in Bordeaux at the project “Mécanismes pour une entente” and open residency of organizers of workshops (Małgorzata Dudek, Dominika Wilczyńska, Barbara Nawrocka, Jarosław Wójtowicz):
Workshops are organized in collaboration with: Manggha Museum, Palce Lizać Collective and Japanese Section of the Student Research Circle of Comparative Studies of Civilization of the Jagiellonian University.
Download the application questionnaire : ,
complete and send as an annex to e-mail:
Małgorzata DUDEK, photography/culture studies, Japanese Section of the Student Research Circle of Comparative Studies of Civilization of Jagiellonian University
Dominika WILCZYŃSKA, architecture/stage design, Palce Lizać Collective
Barbara NAWROCKA, architecture, Palce Lizać collective
Jarosław WÓJTOWICZ, dramaturgy/documentation
Ludwika IGNATOWICZ, animation/sociology
Paweł DUDKO, architecture/ action in space
Filip PRZYBYŁKO, stage design/projects
Justyna STASIOWSKA, research of the contemporary music and noise genres
Katarzyna PEPLIŃSKA, research of the performativity in the public space
Małgorzata MACIEJEWSKA, dramaturgy, performance studies
Jakub BARAN, philosophy

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