exhibition: DESPITE THE BAG’S LACK / Coraline Guilbeau, Margaux Paturel, Alice Hauret-Labarthe, Yasmina Rakkaby Galeria Mieszkańcy (Sobieskiego 24/11)

A pop-up show by Coraline Guilbeau, Alice Hauret-Labarthe, Margaux Paturel and Yasmina Rakkaby


// Whithout consideration to the pocket’s deficiency//

Which is missing from the lack. More or less.
Which context stops to give.
Which place is hiding, closing, ringing.
What could we keep in loss ?
This part picked up under a glass.
Like eating an apple and varnishing the core ;
this outing point which is not running away.

With the idea to stop the action and create a breach. In a secret place, the gesture is crystallized and skinned.

Hiding the day’s light.
Illusion’s beginning and ending. Object which goes down.
My vanished pleasure.
Sunset and night rising.
Everything is falling down, erasing, running away.

Despite the will
How to keep desire ?

[Choice of title’s words comes from a common and pseudo-blind chance selection by a polish-french dictionnary. They are pretext to an agreement of our singularities.]
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