What : Performance in public space
When : May 7/8/10 at 2 PM
Where : Małopolski Ogród Sztuki
Who : Hortense Gauthier – France

Performance in the area of ​​the city
[public space is necessary to performance that can not be confined in artistic institutions and official events territory]
to work on the relationship between body and the communication surface
the body is a commercial area, the city is a commercial area where essentially display signs and inscriptions and messages encouraging trade and commerce

Krakow was one of the most important cities of Central Europe in the Middle Ages> urban development that took off in the Middle Ages is linked to the development of trade


cover the body / skin of barcode ink
stick to skin pages of women’s magazines

have a new face
thus constitute a new skin plasticized and glossy
walking down the street with this new body

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