Beáta Kolbašovská graduated from new media studio of prof. Anna Tretter in Košice, Slovakia and participate on internship at Ecole des Beaux arts in Bordeaux, France. She is an artist with roots in photography and perception research, working with ironic and humorous situations. Interactive installation calibrated for a special space and the atmosphere of a particular event with sensitive social overtones. She works with videoart, interactive and video installations, vjing, performances. She use instant moments for communication between artist and participant, works with ephemerality, instability, womans perceptions. Her latest works are multimedia performances combines live vjing and contemporary dance. In collaboration with contemporary dancer she creates live visuals, collaborate with the performer, reacting to dancers gestures and movements. She is leader of Nano vj’s crew, which is performing experimental video mapping, real time projections and they are collaborating with independent theaters and performers.


Summer workshop

For summer workshop Beáta Kolbašovská  & Jakub Pišek want make temporary interventions in urban space, work with interactive and touch responsive sound, to make little ephemeral performances and soundart. In this kind of process they will work with different noises, sounds of train stations, record it and play again on the next station. The idea is about playing with roars, different nationalities and languages, but sounds of trains are everywhere the same. Other little piece is about nationalities and connecting languages from counties of the train line and confront it with slovakian proverbs and sayings. Another idea is about using symbol of typical post-totalitarian suburb settlement with block of flats and to move it between cities through the streetart. They usually create site specific interventions, so ideas comes and goes in medias res.

“White Glowes” by Beáta Kolbašovská, Lujza Magová & Barbara Nawrocka, performance in Cluj Train station.:

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Socialna sonda plavec hardsubs – Beáta Kolbašovská & Lujza Magová

Beáta Kolbašovská & Lujza Magová asked to the inhabitants of Plavec to speak about their problems using past.

Beáta Kolbašovská and Lujza Magova
Videotutorial for slovak touristic dictionary
Lesson 1- Ordering

Dobrý deň– Hello [do-bree dhenh]
Volám sa Bea– My name is Bea [vo-laam sa Be-a]
Toto je Lujza– This is Lujza [to-to ye Loui-za]
Lujza je moja kamarátka– Lujza is my friend [Loui-za ye mo-ya ka-ma-raa-tka]
Toto je strom– This is the tree [to-to ye strom]
Strom je vysoký– The tree is tall [strom ye vy-so-kee]
Jedno pivo– One beer [yed-no pe-vo]
Dve pivá– Two beers [dve pe-va]
Slivovica– Plum brandy [slee-vo-vee-tsa]
Ďakujem– Thank you [dha-ku-yem]
Dovidenia – Goodbye [do-ve-dhe-nhy-a]

Beáta Kolbašovská and Lujza Magova
Videotutorial for slovak touristic dictionary
Lesson 2- Shopping

slovak-touristic-dictionary-shopping from PointBarre asso on Vimeo.

Ahoj Bea– Hello Bea [aa-hoy Be-a]
Ahoj Lujza– Hello Lujza [aa-hoy Luy-za]
Ako sa máš?– How are you? [ako sa mash?]
Dobre– good [do-bre]
Kam ideš?– where are you going? [kam e-desh?]
Idem nakupovať– I am going to do shopping [idem na-ku-po-vath]
A čo ti treba?– And what do you need? [a cho thi tre-ba?]
Potraviny– Groceries [po-tra-ve-nee]
Toto je chleba– This is bread [to-to ye hhhle-ba]
Aha, syr!– Look, cheese! [a-ha seer]
Vezmem si aj mlieko– I will also take milk [vez-mam se ay mlea-ko]
Choď s tým do riti!– Go to ass with this [hhhoth s theem do re-the]
Prepáčte teta– Sorry ma’am [pre-paa-chthe the-ta]
Díky teta– thanks ma’am [dhee-ke the-ta]
Dovidenia– goodbye [do-ve-dhe-nhy-a]

Beáta Kolbašovská and Lujza Magova
Videotutorial for slovak touristic dictionary
Lesson 3- Clubbing

Čau Bea– Hello Bea [chau Be-a]
Čau Lujza– Hello Lujza [chau Luy-za]
Čo si dáš?- What are you having? [cho si da-sh?]
Niečo osviežujúce– Something refreshing [nye-cho o-svye-zhu-yu-tse]
Ako sa voláš?– What is your name? [a-ko sa vo-lash?]
Čo?– What? [cho?]
Ako sa voláš?– What is your name? [a-ko sa vo-lash?]
Nils– Nils [Nils]
Máš pekné oči– You have nice eyes [mash pe-kne ochi]
Ďakujem.– Thank you [dha-ku-yem]
Nemáš oheň?– Don‘t you have a fire? [ne-mash o-hen?]
Zatancujeme si?– Shall we dance? [za-tan-tsu-ye-me see?]
Poď moja!– C’mon my dear [pottt mo-ya!]