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*kino_wagon Open Studio
Kino_wagon // What is it ?

Kino_wagon // What is it ?

KINO_WAGON FILM PROGRAM > It is rolling. It is scrolling. Trains such as film reels. kino_wagon film program consists in six sessions gathering short and long films from four countries: Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Selected films evoke the individual memory of people, the political history of each country, the daily life, and the imaginary...
KINO_WAGON MOS #6 - 12/06/2013 - 19:00

KINO_WAGON MOS #6 – 12/06/2013 – 19:00

Program : Hands up! Dir.: Jerzy Skolimowski Country: Poland Release date: 1967 (1981) Duration: 76 min Genre: Fiction Sc.: Jerzy Skolimowski, Andrzej Kostenko DoP: Andrzej Kostenko, Witold Sobociński Ed.: Grażyna Jasińska-Wiśniarowska Cast: Jerzy Skolimowski, Joanna Szczerbic, Tadeusz Łomnicki, Adam Hanuszkiewicz, Bogumił Kobiela > Five young people find themselves on a freight train ten years after...
KINO_WAGON MOS #5 - 05/06/13 - 19:00

KINO_WAGON MOS #5 – 05/06/13 – 19:00

California dreamin’ (Endless) Dir.: Cristian Nemescu Country: Romania Release date: 2007 Duration: 155 min Genre: Fabularny/ Fiction Sc.: Catherine Linstrum, Cristian Nemescu, Tudor Voican DoP: Liviu Marghidan Ed.: Cătălin Cristuţiu Cast: Armand Assante, Jamie Eman, Maria Dinulescu > Romania, 1999. During the war of Kosovo. A train carrying military equipment sent by NATO received the...
KINO_WAGON MOS #4 – 25/05/2013 – 19:00

KINO_WAGON MOS #4 – 25/05/2013 – 19:00

Hungarian shadows 25/05/2013 – 19:00 – Małopolski Ogród Sztuki —- Screened films (with english subtitles) : _ “PiRaMidas” Dir.: Ivan Ladislav Galeta Country: Hungary Release date: 1972-1984 Duration: 12 min Genre: Experimental > The movement of the train is decomposed up to create a pyramidal shape. Within this experimental combinatory the senses of viewer are...
KINO_WAGON MOS #3 - 08/05/2013 - 19:00

KINO_WAGON MOS #3 – 08/05/2013 – 19:00

[sound experience – screening – debate] kino_wagon is a film program organized within the project “Mechanisms for an entente”. Curator : Mathieu Lericq. Railway recovering talks Films screened (in Polish with english subtitles) : Front colision – by Marcel Łoziński Poland – 1975 – 11 min – Documentary > A locomotive engineer close to retirement...
KINO_WAGON MOS #2 - 24/04/2013 - 19:00

KINO_WAGON MOS #2 – 24/04/2013 – 19:00

[sound experience – screening – debate] Film screened (in Romanian language with English subtitles): “Last Stop Paradise” /”Terminus Paradis” Dir.: Lucian Pintilie Country: Romania Release date: 1998 Duration: 99 min Fabularny/ Fiction Sc.: Radu Aldulescu, Lucian Pintilie, Rasvan Popescu DoP: Čalin Ghibu, Silviu Stavilă Ed.: Claudine Bouché, Victorita Nae Cast: Costel Cascaval, Dorina Chiriac, Gheorghe...
KINO_WAGON MOS #1 - 10/04/2013 - 19:00

KINO_WAGON MOS #1 – 10/04/2013 – 19:00

Closely Watched Trains Ostře sledované vlaky Dir.: Jiří Menzel Country: Czechoslovakia Release date: 1966 Duration: 93 min Genre: Fiction Sc.: Bohumil Hrabal, Jirí Menzel DoP: Jaromír Sofr Ed.: Jirina Lukesová Score: Jirí Sust, Jirí Pavlik Cast: Václav Neckář, Vlastimil Brodský, Jitka Bendová, Josef Somr, Libuše Havelková, Vladimír Valenta, Jitka Zelenohorská, Naďa Urbánková, Jiří Menzel —————–...
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