Cristina David lives in Bucharest.

Cristina started her artistic training at the Art Academy in Bucharest and completed her MDA at the Art Academy in Bergen, Norway. Between 1998 and 2000 she studied at the Faculty of Mathematic from Bucharest, but as she puts it “unfortunately I forgot most of the things I learned in that period.”
In her career she had at the beginning a short period of self-introspection but she felt quite uncomfortable with it so she is done with that. She now combines scientific facts with art and she is enthusiastic of what she is discovering. Her works are often humorous.
Video is still the most comfortable media for her, even if lately the temptation for installations and performative lectures made her try some of those as well.

The project Mechanism for an entente I see it as an opportunity to discover people, places and stories, in the frame of a two months journey up North- West of Romania. It is a challenge to be part of a community of artists and do brainstorm for one single final piece of work. This is an experiment which either will fail and the conclusion will be that we all ” agree to disagree” or it will finish with an extraordinary interesting collective work which will have the touch of all of the participants- making it much better than everything we would create individually. Therefore I am looking forward for the process of the brainstorm& discoveries and I am super- curios about the final piece, hoping it will have in it also a tiny bit of my knowledge and imagination.

My personal statistics based on an experience of living in a collective for 2 months
(July – August 2013)

I learned 34 new words in French, 2 words in Slovakian, 2 in Polish.
I repeated 87 times the 3 words I knew in Hungarian.
I ate
• 54 breakfast meals;
• 41 lunch meals;
• 52 dinner meals.
I took 56 showers.
I lived in 7 rooms.
I talked to 76 people I didn’t know before.
• with 21 people I had pleasant conversations;
• 6 people made me angry;
• with 3 people I had conversations that made me smarter.
I laughed 100 times, only 2 persons made me laugh in the therapeutic sense of laughing.
I saw 11 new movies.
I read 3 books.
I swam in a swimming pool 7 times.
I was all alone in a semi-Olympic swimming pool 4 times.
I cried 3 times, for 3 different reasons:
• first time out of pity;
• the second time out of disappointment caused by someone dear to me;
• the third time because of a lie.
I fell in love 2 times, I fell out of love 1 time.
I listened to music I didn’t want to listen to for 34 times.
I got lost 1 time in the mountains, 2 times in the city.
I wrote 30 txt messages.
I watched TV 5 times.
I took 14 pictures.
I filmed 2 hours of raw material.
I got melancholic 8 times.
I used 7 rolls of toilet paper.
I fixed my watch 5 times.
I envied 3 people.
I said the “F” word 53 times.
I crossed 7 bridges.
I lost 1 thing.
I got sick 2 times.
I was alone for 50 hours.
I drank 6 coffee cups.
I though of committing murder 1 time.
I wrote my full name 9 times.
I still have 10 fingers on my hands.
I smoked 1 cigarette.
I got soaked by rain 5 times.
I opened a window for 48 times.
I closed a window for 20 times.
I saw 87 different cloud shapes.
I felt ashamed 3 times.
I washed my clothes 7 times.
I talked with 4 police people.
One bird shit on me.
I built one nonfunctional mini-wagon.
I had 6 different currencies in my wallet.
I saw 13 excavators.
I flew once.
I drank 36 litters of water.
I imagined 5 people falling down from a tall building.
I bought 2 identical dresses.
I throw 3 times garbage on the floor.
I met one perfect couple.
I biked 3 times.
I was afraid one time.
I visited 2 libraries.
3 boys made me start liking mustaches.
I wrote/ said “I” for 489 times.

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Arne Beurliner


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“treaty for bets” Cristina David & Mathieu Lericq

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