Edyta MĄSIOR (b. 1977, Poland). Artist, teacher, translator. Active in traditional and new media in visual arts. Studying in country of origin and abroad: AFA Cracow (Ph.D. candidate), ASFA Greece (2010, MA degree in Digital Arts), PU Cracow (2002, Master of Arts), UoA (2005, Greek language), UoC (2001, Erasmus/Socrates program). Received scholarships of IKY Greece (State Scholarship Foundation), Alexander S. Onassis Foundation. Participant of exhibitions in country and abroad.
Author of series like: Impertinent wandering (2002), Unsealed dream (2009), Maria (2009), Balloon, thread and three persons (2008-2010), “Like a bird alone on a roof” (2006-2009), Kokoszące kukuranie (2008) (…).

“To same the voyage is an incident, to same a life time event, and it comes a day, when the two become one”. Charlie Chaplin.