Jakub Pišek, a graduate of the New Media department in Košice, studied under the supervision of a German artist Anna Tretter. He was on internship at Ecole des Beaux arts in Bordeaux, France and at residence in Dortmund in RUHR European capital of culture 2011. After ping pong workshop he begun to write his own software for interactive installations. In his production, he uses technology both as a medium and as a goal of his interests. Instead of presenting old pieces repetitively, he rather demonstrates creation of a piece on-the-spot. He lets the genius loci be visible, works with site specifics and flexibly reacts to the emerged situation. He is devoted to video, computer graphics, interactivity and music. Now he works as media artist in various fields, like interactivity, performance, audio and video and real time graphics. His background is interdisciplinary, holding degrees in visual and performing arts, software prototyping and computer sience. He is user of open source hardware and software and working in intentions of DIY. He is the man behind famous performance Hallogenerator and Turbosampler.

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For summer workshop Beáta Kolbašovská  & Jakub Pišek want make temporary interventions in urban space, work with interactive and touch responsive sound, to make little ephemeral performances and soundart. In this kind of process they will work with different noises, sounds of train stations, record it and play again on the next station. The idea is about playing with roars, different nationalities and languages, but sounds of trains are everywhere the same. Other little piece is about nationalities and connecting languages from counties of the train line and confront it with slovakian proverbs and sayings. Another idea is about using symbol of typical post-totalitarian suburb settlement with block of flats and to move it between cities through the streetart. They usually create site specific interventions, so ideas comes and goes in medias res.