Jarosław Wójtowicz (b. 1987), Polish dramaturg, researcher and essayist. Student of stage direction at State Drama School in Cracow, Poland. He explores various fields of audiovisual arts (audio art, video art, performance, theatre, architecture). Collaborated with directors, visual artists, curators and theoretists, among others Jerzy Jarocki, Krystian Lupa, Jan Peszek, Cezary Tomaszewski, Ewa Toniak, Ewa Alicja Majewska, Aleksandra Polisiewicz, Roman Dziadkiewicz. Participant of  the collective and performative projects. Collaborator of collective PALCE LIZAĆ (Barbara Nawrocka, Dominika Wilczyńska).

Summer activity : workshops based on experience of drift and being together in the group and research about myths and images of vampires in Carpathians, jam sessions in the public space (with Joanna Bednarczyk, Marek Mardosewicz and Barbara Nawrocka), presentations of the ideas of temporary architecture combining strategies of the presence in the urban space (with Barbara Nawrocka).