> It is rolling. It is scrolling.
Trains such as film reels. kino_wagon film program consists in six sessions gathering short and long films from four countries: Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Selected films evoke the individual memory of people, the political history of each country, the daily life, and the imaginary that sneaks beyond geography. The “railway station films” mingle with “train films”, where encounters often turn out to be mysterious.
The principle of these sessions is to apprehend the railway universe through various ways, whether visual and sound. Each screening-debate is accompanied by a sound experience. As a proposal within the project Mechanisms for an Entente, this program opens up a space for dialogue around filmic sensations aroused by the rails.
You are invited to climb aboard the kino_ wagon, a powerful, ephemeral, and potentially infernal machine.

Mathieu Lericq (film curator)