[sound experience – screening – debate]

kino_wagon is a film program organized within the project “Mechanisms for an entente”.
Curator : Mathieu Lericq.


Railway recovering talks

Films screened (in Polish with english subtitles) :

Front colision – by Marcel Łoziński
Poland – 1975 – 11 min – Documentary

> A locomotive engineer close to retirement is chosen to be as an example to his younger colleagues and to will receive his farewell gift during a ceremony. However, the circumstances are not favorable: in a state of extreme fatigue, he causes a railway disaster, and the ceremony is canceled.

89mm from Europe by Marcel Łoziński
Poland – 1993 – 12 min – Documentary

> Brześć — a town on the border between Poland and the former Soviet Union. Due to a difference of 89 mm in track gauge in the Soviet Union and the rest of Europe, the Belarusian railwaymen must adapt the wagons every day so that international trains can enter the territory of the former Soviet Union. French, German, Dutch passengers watch them through the windows. Two different worlds?

Katyń forest by Marcel Łoziński
Poland – 1990 – 53 min – Documentary

> In the spring of 1940, the NKVD executed some 15,000 Polish officers. 4,500 of them rest in the forest of Katyń. The silence, fear and deceit lasted fifty years. This film is not a historical film. It happens today, in a train. We discover the faces of the concerned people, we observe their reactions, listen to their words. Who are they? The women and children of the victims. But not only…

Free entrance.

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