California dreamin’ (Endless)

Dir.: Cristian Nemescu
Country: Romania
Release date: 2007
Duration: 155 min
Genre: Fabularny/ Fiction
Sc.: Catherine Linstrum, Cristian Nemescu, Tudor Voican
DoP: Liviu Marghidan
Ed.: Cătălin Cristuţiu
Cast: Armand Assante, Jamie Eman, Maria Dinulescu

> Romania, 1999. During the war of Kosovo. A train carrying military equipment sent by NATO received the verbal agreement of the Romanian Government to cross the country toward the border with Serbia. The convoy is placed under the protection of American soldiers and some Romanian soldiers. But when this small world gets to Căpâlniţa, a remote village in Romania, here’s the station chief, Doiaru, a kind of sad and disillusioned local Mafiosi, that refuses to let them continue their way.
Railways and wars have a relationship often disastrous, the firsts corroborating the deadly delusions of certain peoples against others. In such a context, What does it mean to stop a train? Is it an act of malevolent or an act of resistance?

An open discussion will be launched at the end of the screening.