kino_wagon #2


Day : July 09, 19:00
Location : Fabrica De Pensule, Cluj-Napoca

Program :
Train station (Dworzec)
Krzysztof Kieslowski (PL) – 1980 – 12 min.
The daily life of the Warsaw station.

Gdansk station (Dworzec Gdański)
Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz (PL) – 2007 – 55 min.
Testimonials “Polish citizens of Jewish origin” forced to leave their country in 1968-1969 following the anti-Semitic campaign of communist power. They find themselves in a meeting in Israel. They remember the tear out and tell their routes. Friendships, pain, nostalgia, anger.

Luxury (Luksus)
Jarosław Sztandera (PL) – 2009 – 39 min.
A 17 years young man, a story about child prostitution and pedophilia. The lives of two boys converge on the central train station in Warsaw, the day before Christmas. Senior – prostitute nicknamed “Luxury”, and junior – beginner, a beggar child with a dog. A local taxi driver, the pimp i n the sex business, with teenagers, offers Luxury job pimp. Will the boy to exploit his younger friend, or help him escape the clutches of child prostitution …?

Notions to discuss during the screening : station as the most erotic place, random, meeting, desires, privacy/publicity.

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