In residency during April (and sometimes in May and June) László Milutinovits is a Budapest-based expert and trainer in European projects and has the MA in History and English Literature and Linguistics. As a researcher he has experience in the history of traveling and transport, with special regard to the 19-20th centuries. In the current project he is to work on its politico-historical aspects related to Hungary.

“My name is László Milutinovits, I was born on 26 December 1980 in Budapest, Hungary. Currently I also live and work in Budapest. I studied at Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest, and have the MA in History and English Literature and Linguistics. My supplementary studies included Non-profit and Cultural Management at the same institution. I also have the experience of working on several non-formal educational EU projects and on international project-management for more than a decade now.

As a researcher I have experience in the history of travelling and transport, with special regard to the 19-20th centuries. Concerning the 19th century, I was engaged in the analysis of travelogues of mostly western travellers about their journeys in Central Europe. Later I worked in the field of ecological history at EMLA-Environmental Management and Law Foundation where I was involved in interdisciplinary studies focusing on landscape history and the development of road networks in the 20th century in Central Europe.

In the current project I would like to analyse the politico-historical aspects of the story of the ’Silesia Cracovia Karpathy’ railway line, especially by investigating related documents and literature in Hungary. Additionally, as my hobbies include urban and visual art, I am looking forward to work with other contributors from such fields of interest. I hope that the project will be a space for mutual sharing, learning and for a common creative work for all.”

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