Lecture # 16 // Hortense Gauthier // French institut in Krakow & MOS

Hortense Gauthier studied political science, history and geography. She leads since 2003, a poetic transmedia work exploring different materialities of writing (audio, visual, digital, corporal), through various experiences combining sound creations, poetry, art action, photos, videos… She makes many digital performances under the name of HP Process (with Philippe Boisnard). She has published in various literary magazines and collective books (Ecrivains en séries 1, éd. Léo Scheer; Boxon; Dock(s); Inculte; Espace(s), éd. CNES; La Res Poetica, éd. Al Dante; Ouste; Mobile (Montagne Froide) …). She
created in 2004 the literature magazine Talkie-Walkie.
Presentation: 05.05.13 at 7pm
Performances on may 7, 8, 9 at 2 pm near Małopolski Ogród Sztuk, ul. Rajska 12




Mécanismes pour une entente // AIR_prog // Hortense Gauthier



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