Lecture # 4 // Simon Quéheillard // Institut Français de Cracovie

Born in 1977 in Bordeaux, Simon Quéheillard studied at the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux where he followed his education in a writing workshop led by poet and writer Emmanuel Hocquard, who has sustainably influenced his work. He lives and works in Paris.
In 2006, he had his first solo exhibition at the gallery Frédéric Giroux, entitled The picture in the paper. It could be understood as an announcement of the book
of the same name, which he published two years later, in June 2008, published by MIX, after his meeting with the philosopher Fabien Vallos, who is the director. In 2010, he shows the video The Pedestrian Labour, in the exhibition Entropy at the Espace Khiasma.


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