Małgorzata Dudek (born. 1990), artist and documentalist. Student of anthropology. Main fields of her interests are soundart and underground culture of Japan and Eastern Europe. She is the founder and leader of Japanese Section of The Academic Group of Comparative Studies of Civilization at Jagiellonian University.  She conducts an interdisciplinary researches linking art and science.Apart from her academic commitments, she has a broad spectrum of experience in organizing cultural events. In a collaboration with Jarosław Wójtowicz nad Palce Lizać, she created a NO/HO/USE project. In 2011 she took part in Extremazja project, where she was responsible for organizing an avandgarde japaneese movie screenings.

Her works usually consist of photos, field recordings, drawings combined with new technologies. She regards jellyfishes as the most ideal of biological species.

During the summer trip she’ planning to create an emotional map of the eastern european audiosphere. Using archive video footage she’ll try to connect old with the new. She also intend to make an ethno-bothanical research, work on temporal architecure and multisensory perception with Palce lIzać.