> On the 20th of February at 6pm, we launched the open_studio of Mechanisms for an Entente. This studio is lead and organized by Roman Dziadkiewicz, Marta Jonville and Tomas Matauko within the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. It is composed by students from both Fine Arts schools of Bordeaux and Kraków, guest artists in residency, researchers of Jagellonian University in Kraków: artists, historians, geographers, anthropologists, sociologists, architects, iconographers… The open studio is a part of the project Mechanisms for an Entente as a tool, an experimentations space, a meeting place, a work in progress.

topics discussed: political, historical, how to live and create together, sharing knowledge and travelling… Purpose of the open_studio: research tool, experimentations space, work in progress, meeting point.

Sessions take place every Thursday at 10 AM at MOS (Małopolski Ogród Sztuki) a

open studio from PointBarre asso on Vimeo.