Rozmowa o języku, z Jarosławem Wójtowiczem

Projekt dla Deadline #4


Mecz piłkarski → Francja przeciw reszcie świata
Photo Fredéric Desmesure

Projekt „mechanizmy dysonansu”
Mechanism for Dissonance - Alexis

Uczestnictwo w „ gotowanie dla porozumienia”

Projekt wycieczki na Rysy
Train Line - Rsy Peak - Alexis

Na rysach z Seydou Grépinet i Milutinovits László
Photo László Milutinovits

Free Kingdom on the Border
One of our most memorable moments is surely our performance-hike to a hidden, but famous corner of Slovakia and Poland. Yes. I mean both countries, as the Rysy Peak is located exactly on the border of the two countries. Once called the “Tengerszem-csúcs”, it used to lie on the internal border of the Kingdom of Hungary
and the Austrian province of Galicia within the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. According to the popular legend, even comrade Lenin climbed it once. Nowadays the border is easy to pass, and the area is called “the free Kingdom of Rysy” (Slobodné kráľovstvo Rysy) by the staff of the nearby cottage. Hikers and climbers from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany and from all over Europe and the world come here to enjoy the beauties of nature.
Our trip was in many ways symbolic – we started our walk at Štrbské Pleso, the well-known resort, where in 1930 the three countries of the Little Entente (Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia) held their most important conference. Our trip connected this spot with the border. A border. A phenomenon that has been a key issue of our project from the very beginning and throughout the whole summer workshop. Limits, borders of countries in past and nowadays, separating and in the same time connecting cultures and nations. After the performance we can say that borders are in our minds, but we can also take them into our hands, and act.
Nevertheless, beside symbols, we can also admit that watching the sunrise over the cloud-covered landscape from the peak was an unforgettable moment for us. Or shall we also think about the sunrise as a symbol?
Alexis, László, Seydou