> Marta Jonville and Tomas Matauko are the artists who conceived the project “Mécanismes pour une entente”. They are in residency in Krakow since May 2012 and will stay until December 2013.

>Marta Jonville works with performance, photography, painting and video. She lives and works in Kraków. Since 2008 she has made of Europe her playground and deploys her work defending a practice of art that demonstrates the effective usefulness and richness of the artists contributions in the social field. Since 2010 Marta Jonville works as a duo with Tomas Matauko. They seek how to live and work together inventing research and creation means with variable scales and contents. These artistic creation laboratories are developed within PointBarre Asso.

> Tomas Matauko, visual artist, was born in San Sebastian in the Spanish Basque Country. Émmanuel Hocquard’s student, Tomas has created Un Bureau Sur Le Rail, a mobile publishing firm. Un Bureau Sur Le Rail it’s his topical mapping: displacement, manufacturing, economy of means, a view on the little things, filmed, written, photographed. He’s very sensitive to and concerned about the transmission of knowledge and, more specifically, the contrast between written and oral transmission. He uses video, film, writing and installation of pre-existing objects. Since 2010, Tomas Matauko works as a duet with Marta Jonville. Their research focuses on methodologies of collective, multidisciplinary and international creation, based on historical and political contexts.


>“Various things about various things” Performances and talks by Damien Airault, Marta Jonville & Tomas Matauko. // 2012 November 15

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06/03/3013 Mieszkancy Galeria-Sobieskiego 24/11, Krakow

“Utopia, wyspa, ręka i głos” is an invitation and proposal of Marta Jonville to Julie Chovin to work on
Thomas More’s book that describes the island of Utopia. The exhibition is a digression, transposition, critical interpretation of the idea of Utopian island.
Drawings and Performance
Mieszkancy Galeria is the gallery created for the residents of Mechanisms for an entente in Krakow from february to june 2013