kino_wagon #7 – Closing screening


Day : August 28
Location : Powisle, Warsaw.
Duration : 1h28

Program :
„La terre” (Zem) de Viktor Kubal – 1966 – 8 min.
„A blonde in love” (Lásky jedné plavovlásky) – Miloš Forman (CZ/SK) – 1965 – 80 min.

Andula is a working-class woman living in a fading Czech factory town. After a party she sleeps with Milda, a pianist with the band who was visiting from Prague. A famous line is uttered as they are lying in bed afterward. Andula asks what Milda meant when he said she was „angular.” He goes on to explain that a woman is shaped like a guitar. „And you, you look like a guitar too,” he tells her, „but one painted by Picasso.” They part ways, and when she doesn’t hear from him again, she packs up and arrives on his doorstep in the big city. Milda is not home, and she meets his parents, who don’t know what they should do with her. Milda comes home early the next morning, and it becomes clear to Andula that she is not wanted, so she returns to her home.