A Fekete vonat (1970) forgatása közben.

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Date : 14 of July – 18:00
Location : Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Center

Program :
PiRaMidas – Ivan Ladislav Galeta (HU, 1972-1984, 12 min., experiment)
Black Train (Fekete vonat) – Pál Schiffer (HU, 1970, 38 min., documentary)

Black Train (Fekete Vonat) is a documentary of the train that brings in Romany labour to Budapest and returns them to their village Friday night, just as Black Africans were shipped in from Soweto & other townships & returned at the end of the week. I first learned about the Fekete Vonat while I was in Budapest in 1985. A handful of Magyars tried to warn me away from the train because the Gypsies would steal my stuff or worse, stab me. I was considerably naïve at the time (thankfully) and decided to take the Friday evening train. I had a back pack and a return ticket. The Romany labourers during the week were housed in barracks and bused to various work sites, mostly construction and line work. I could easily see that on the train coach I was on, I was the only foreigner. It wasn’t long before the coach, became filled with raucous song and behaviour. I was invited to join the drinking. (Yech, I don’t drink alcohol, but there are extreme exceptions). My backback was left on the seat while I roams the aisle a bit. When it was time for me to get off, my backpack was right where I left it. As far as I was concerned the coach was filled with working stiffs who simply wanted to party on their way back home to their women and children – a few got quite drunk, but most simply shared the booze as part of the communal thing.

Notions to discuss during the debate : collective/individual actions, routine/exceptions, communist regime and ideological meanings of the train.

More informations about „Piramidas“ : www.dokument-festival.com/database/movie/7033|Piramidas.
In order to pronounce correctly the title of the film (in hungarian language) : here.