This program is designed to stimulate discussions around the train line, the history and culture of Central-East Europe and develop together the collective work. The Program is under construction, but we can already say that there will be events in each town we will stop:
-Performances in public spaces

Some dates : 
– July 1 : arriving in Bucarest, Romania.
– July 5 departure to Cluj, Romania.
– July 10 departure to Budapest, Hungary.
– July 15 departure to Košice, Slovakia.
– July 20 departure to Plaveč, Slovakia.
– August 26 departure to Warsaw, Poland.
– August 31, end of the laboratory.


*July 1st
Arrival of participants to Bucharest.

*July 2nd

-Presentation of the project “Mechanisms for an entente”

-kino_wagon #1  // BORDER ISSUES

⊥ Olena d’Elzbieta Benkowska (PL) – 2013 – 17 min.
⊥ Morgen de Marian Crisan (RO) – 2010 – 100 min.

7 pm French Institute of Bucharest

*July 3rd
-Special visit of Bucharest by Vasi Hirdo and Bogdan Teodorescu.

10 am. Departure from Umbrella Hostel, Strada General Christian Tell 21, Bucharest.

*July 4th

-MUNUS // the initial performance by Roman Dziadkiewicz

11am. Umbrella Hostel, Strada General Christian Tell 21, Bucharest.

-BARCODE DJ’S // Performance by Jakub Pišek  & Beáta Kolbašovská
6 pm. Departure from Umbrella Hostel, Strada General Christian Tell 21, Bucharest.


*July 5th
Departure for Cluj by train / Screenings and talks in the Bucharest – Cluj train.

*July 6th

-MUNUS // the initial performance by Roman Dziadkiewicz

-Presentation of the project “Mechanisms for an entente”.

6pm. French Institute of Cluj.


*July 8th

-Visit of the train station surrounding and the bomb shelter of the train company CFR

10am. Departure from Pension Diadis, Strada Marasesti 8, Cluj.

-Kitchen Stories – Narrative dinner organised by Fabrica de Pensule // “Lunchs for travellers”
Presentation of the project and the participants.
Party with Dj Kubo Pišek


*July 9th

2 pm Our concerns // Talk about your concerns, introduce yourself // You are invited to submit your questions and influences of the time. Proposition of Guillaume du Boisbeaudry

To help you, bring documents (movies, books, images, bibliographies …).

-Kino_wagon #2 // Train stations and random in Poland
⊥ Railway station by Krzysztof Kieslowski (PL) – 1980 – 12 min.
⊥ Dworzec Gdański by Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz (PL) – 2007 – 55 min.
⊥ Luksus by Jarosław Sztandera (PL) – 2009 – 39 min.

6 pm at the Fabrica de Pensule in Cluj.


* July 10th
Departure for Budapest by night train.

* July 11
4 p.m. Meeting / discussion with Hélène Bienvenu / Bakelit Multiart center

* July 12
3 pm Meeting / discussion with Corentin Leotard (revue Hulala) and Guillaume du Boisbaudry (la revue necessaire)
The Szalon – Budapest

7 pm kino_wagon # 3 / / VITAL MEMORY
⊥ Silence and cry Miklós Jancsó (HU) – 1968 // 73 min.
French Institute of Budapest

* July 13
10 a.m. Pic-Nic in Budapest with Barbara Nawrocka // PALCE LIZAĆ //  Széll Kálmán tér, Moszkva tér, Budapest, 1024

3 p.m. Meeting with the band “The fatal train”  and exchange of our experiences of homelessness in Central Europe followed by the Bal of July 14.
French Institute in Budapest

* July 14
Closing party in Budapest. Bakelit Multiart Center

Concert & party


* July 15
Departure for Košice

The program in Košice is designed by Tabačka KulturFabrik.

* July 16/17
kino_wagon # 4 / / WORKERS AND FARMERS
⊥ Musicians on Sunday by Kazimierz Karabasz (PL) – 1960 – 9 min.
⊥ Bread Day by Sergei Dvortsevoy (UK) – 1998 to 1954 min.
Location: Garden-cinema / Košice


* July 20
Departure to the border // Plaveč, Slovakia

* July 22
8 am Nils Clouzeau / Jogging  performance on the railway
Plaveč, Slovakia

* July 27
7 pm Nils Clouzeau’s dinner / performance
Plaveč, Slovakia

* July 31
7 pm  Jakub Taczanowski & Marta Jonville / / maping process performance
Plaveč, Slovakia

* August 1
10 am Jakub Taczanowski – History of trains in Galicia

* August 8
7 pm Nils Clouzeau’s dinner / performance
Plaveč, Slovakia

* August 18
7 pm Nils Clouzeau’s dinner / performance
Plaveč, Slovakia


* July 21 -22 -23

Intercultural Learning workshops by Milutinovits László

* August 21 or 23
kino_wagon # 5 / / RUMORS OF THE PAST
⊥ The Presence by Miklós Jancsó (HU) – 1965 – 30 min.
⊥ Diary by Márta Mészáros (HU) – 1984-102 min.


* August 26

Departure to Warsaw, Poland

* August 28 -They arrived! The Jar Picnic

They arrived! Visitors, immigrants, strangers, „jars”. With a ring of bells and their jars… Let’s meet on Pole Elekcyjne (Election Square) in Warsaw. We would like to remind you that the city has been developed by people who have arrived here and the history of Warsaw had been developed thanks to few houndrads of infuriated and drunk guys… A big fish! All the nation choses a king, all the nation builds the capital city. We are building it, and building it, and building it. Together. Affirmatively. An underground after an undergound… We came from the south, east, west and north. From different places. We create a mechanism for an Entete…
We came and we brought our jars. Artistst, theoretists and social relations practitioners from Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France, Germany and Poland. The event that we invite you to is a part of a long-term project called „Mechanism for and Entente”. Be there, bring your jars, have fun, don’t be ashamed… Our roots wriggle and intermesh with eachother, our rhizomes grow in all the directions.

Where? Pole Elekcyjne, the corner of Młynarska and Ostroroga street, Warsaw
When? 28.08.2013, Wednesday, 4 pm – 10 pm

The Jar Picnic is:
⊥ an affirmation and breaking the spell put on the „jar” metaphor in Warsaw urban discourse
⊥ discussions: social and cultural aspects of relations between metropolis and periphery
⊥ art / performance / surprises
⊥ music: live improvisations
⊥ games and other atractions for children and adults
⊥ a degustation: jar meals
⊥ the history, present and future

* August 29
kino_wagon # 6 / / TERMINUS PARADISE
⊥ Earth (Zem) by Viktor Kubal – 1966-8 min.
⊥ Loves of a Blonde (Lásky jedné plavovlásky) (CZ / SK) by Miloš Forman – 1965 –
Warsaw, Poland
* August 26 to 30.


We will elect what to show in the exhibition in Warsaw