Opcje – European social sculpture around a railway line

MicroCassandre: On the rails again….

On the rails again…. On the rails again….


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Rue 89 : Traces d’une traversée

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Sud-Ouest – Terminus : Entente

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Bordeaux 7 – Un train de vie

JUNKPAGE – Ateliers volants et “Hobos Balkaniques”

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NOVA Planete

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Setting up the exhibition in Polarium


Exhibition in the train station Exhibition in the train station Bordeaux Saint Jean/ from March 14th to April 7th 2014 03/14/2014 17:00 Opening “Culture en Gare”: Folklórny súbor zo Šarišského [ . . . ]

Culture en Gare Opening of the exhibition in Bordeaux Saint jean Train Station

Opening of the exhibition in Bordeaux Saint jean Train Station

“Des Ensemble ” exhibition in Polarium

Exhibition “Des Ensembles” in Polarium from mars 14 to april 7 – Curated by Łukasz Białkowski in collaboration with Tomas Matauko & Marta Jonville

Café Pompier – After vernissage

14/03/2014 à 22:00 After vernissage / Concert Łukasz Jastrubczak +Jakub Pišek + Folklórny súbor zo Šarišského Jastrabia // Café Pompier

Nirght Scool/ Guillaume du Boisbaudry et Janek Sowa

Lecture of Guillaume Du Boisbaudry “The treatment of human, plants, life,animals” at the Night School Lecture of Janek Sowa : Artist’s remuneration in Europe”

Exhibition – Desmesure Collective in 5UN7 Gallery

18/03/2014 18:30 Exhibition of Desmesure Collective in 5UN7 Gallery

Maison de l’Europe – project presentation

17/03/2014 18:00 Maison de l’Europe – project presentation

Rue 89 – Bordeaux, dernière gare de « Mécanismes pour une Entente »

Rue 89 – to read the article online click here

STV – television report / Slovakia

Cassandre n°95 – automne 2013 // Mozaïques, fantômes et rhizomes

Event on election field in Warsaw // press review

http://wiadomosci.onet.pl/warszawa/dzis-pierwsze-swieto-sloikow-w-warszawie/0js97 http://warszawa.gazeta.pl/warszawa/1,34862,14492238,W_srode_Swieto_Sloikow__Zapraszaja_przyjezdnych.html http://wawalove.pl/W-srode-po-raz-pierwszy-obchodzone-bedzie-Swieto-Sloikow-a10720 http://przegladwolski.pl/index.php/2013/08/sloiki-opanuja-wole/ http://www.wola.waw.pl/page/81,aktualnosci-.html?id=3226 http://aktivist.pl/akcja-warszawskie-sloiki-laczcie-sie/ http://www.rdc.pl/informacje/obchody-swieta-sloikow-piknikowali-na-polu-elekcyjnym/ http://polskalokalna.pl/galerie/galerie-zdjec/swieto-sloikow-w-warszawie/zdjecie/duze,1754628,1,1163


the participants : Agata Dutkowska PL Sociologist Alexis Emery-Dufoug FR Intern EBABX Beáta Kolbašovská SK Artist Cristina David RO Artist Desmesure collective / Agathe & Fred FR Architect & Photographer [ . . . ]

Gazetapi Warsawa // W środę Święto Słoików. Zapraszają przyjezdnych


Sud-Ouest // Entente sur toute la ligne



Last night – Closing party at Warszawa Powiśle Jam session with participants of “mechanisms for an entente”, for the last night all together at Warszawa Powiśle kino_wagon workshop #7 – [ . . . ]

Plaveč – week #5 – The Place where we are – Spiš et Šariš

Walk Plaveč – Muszyna Arrival on Muszyn’s cargo train station. “Show me the border” gesture, in reference to the movie “Morgen” from the Romanian director Marian Crisan – Photo Seydou [ . . . ]

Plaveč – week #4 – The Native of Plaveč

DEADLINE #4 Valérie de Saint-Do – On the rails again… Un mois passé d’une aventure qu’il est temps de partager. Tant ces « Mécanismes pour une entente» initiés par deux [ . . . ]

Plaveč – week #3 – Same same but Different

Folklórny súbor zo Šarišského Jastrabia- Anova – Plavec – Slovakia from PointBarre asso on Vimeo. Nils Clouzeau Dance with Folklórny súbor zo Šarišského Jastrabia In Anova restaurant Dominika Wilczyńska, Barbara [ . . . ]

Plaveč – week #2 – Configuration, portraits of inhabitants of Plaveč

Agathe and Barbara danse in Plavec from PointBarre asso on Vimeo. DEADLINE #3 Łukasz Jastrubczak – Several motives on Letter S If I have been looking for the perfect example [ . . . ]

Seydou Crépinet - A Constructed World

Plaveč – week #1 – Beyond the maps, an unexpected twist of Ideology

DEADLINE #2 Jan Sowa – An unexpected twist of Ideology Neoliberalism and the collapse of the Soviet Bloc The article addresses the process of neoliberal transformation of the Soviet Bloc [ . . . ]


DEADLINE #1 Edyta MĄSIOR – Fleemarket Visit at Ťahanovce, Košice Text by Valérie de Saint-Do It wasn’t without a little mockery that Mišo Hudak, an artist familiar to non-quite-touristic tours [ . . . ]


Beáta Kolbašovská – This is not an optical illusion Mathieu Lericq – Impacts and Contacts : Variations of skins Now on the tracks. Arrival at Cluj-Napoca. New approaches to the [ . . . ]


Arriving in Cluj Napoca on July 6 DEADLINE #0 Here you can read the number 0 of Deadline magazine : Edyta Mąsior – Foot steps and footages On 10th of [ . . . ]


Beáta Kolbašovská – Revolutia din 1907, Pantelimon Lujza Magova – Smile Art pieces are objects with no immediate practical value. Their common constitutional property is the ability to reflect reality. [ . . . ]

REVUE ENTRE-papier // Train Fantôme

Revue Entre Printemps 2013 Crédit photos Asso PointBarre, sauf la petite cabane verte en bas a droite de la mise en page : C.Devier  

JunkPage // Marta prend le train

# 18 // Janek Sowa // Colonialism, post-colonialism and self-colonization in Central-Eastern Europe

16/05/2013   at 10 am Who are we ? Colonialism, post-colonialism and self-colonization in Central-Eastern Europe //Doc. Janek Sowa Any attempt to base a common identity of Central-Eastern Europe on [ . . . ]

Cassandre // The ones who love them will take the train