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László Milutinovits – War Ends, Struggle Continues.
The Little Entente and Central Europe in the 1920s.

The present article is looking for answers for the following questions. Why and how the alliance called the ‘Little Entente’ was formed after the First World War? What were its aims? How these conditions influenced Hungary? As the First World War was about the come to its end, the leading powers and other nations in...
# 7 LÁSZLÓ MILUTINOVITS // Historian // Budapest, Hungary

# 7 LÁSZLÓ MILUTINOVITS // Historian // Budapest, Hungary

In residency during April (and sometimes in May and June) László Milutinovits is a Budapest-based expert and trainer in European projects and has the MA in History and English Literature and Linguistics. As a researcher he has experience in the history of traveling and transport, with special regard to the 19-20th centuries. In the current project he is to work on...