22 # Thomas Desmaison // Sociologist // Bordeaux, FR

Graduated in sociology and in sociology of the public action from Sciences Po Bordeaux, Thomas Desmaison is specialized in the analysis of the local cultural policies in France and in Germany, more exactly in the analysis of the emergent interactions between the spaces-projects of artistic factories and these local policies. After work experiences in the Observatory of the culture of the regional council of Aquitaine and in Germany, he took care of the Gironde ground of the Centre d’étude de l’Emploi (Center for Employment Studies, Paris) in 2011, trying to observe the adequacies or the inadequacies of the RSA device (minimum incomes for poor workers) with the activities of the artistic creation. Following this mission, he made a commitment in the actions of the PointBarre Association in Bordeaux, and more exactly with its artists’ activities incubator.
Currently coordinator of this one, Thomas Desmaison is also a board member of the Fabrique Pola.

Proposition de Thomas Desmaison pour Deadline